Carbon Neutral Initiative

ICECAP are a carbon neutral business* with genuine expertise in the carbon market. Work with ICECAP to reduce your carbon footprint.

For every £2,000 of revenue we receive from our clients in fees we will retire 20 carbon credits on their behalf which represents the reduction of 20 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) which equates to:


pounds of coal burned


tree seedling grown for 10 years


homes energy use for one year


vehicles driven for 1 year


Smart phones charged

The emissions data has been obtained via the United States Environmental Protection Agency equivalents calculator. Should you require any additional information on how these amounts have been calculated please do contact us via our website

ICECAP’s Carbon Projects

In 2010, ICECAP principals led the start up of a new energy efficiency business under the name 3 Rocks in Zambia involving the distribution and installation in rural areas of fuel efficient stoves financed by the sale (to the Swedish Government energy agency) of the carbon dioxide emissions reductions generated by lower wood usage. The business successfully distributed and installed over 40,000 stoves, benefitting in total approximately 200,000 people. In doing so, the amount of wood burned and carbon dioxide emitted was drastically reduced but also there are numerous other important benefits including;

  • Less time spent collecting wood fuel for the family home, presenting alternative opportunities for economic development such as cash crop production or more education for children,
  • Cooking and heating on open fires or traditional stoves results in high levels of indoor air pollution which is a significant killer in low income countries, the efficient stoves significantly reduce these harmful levels

The project was audited and is registered by the UN . Its design was to support some of the poorest individuals in the world whilst producing additional, genuine, and measurable reductions. Due to the unique nature of this project, the project was then selected by the Swedish Government who purchased the credits to help meet its international obligations.

For a more detailed overview of ICECAP’s Carbon neutral initiative Click Here.

*Based on retiring 20 tonnes of carbon credits for each employee which is the average emissions per capita of the highest EU state. We believe this is a conservative and comprehensive assessment of ICECAPs emissions and will result in ICECAP being able to proudly state that it is carbon neutral for 2020 and thereafter. Link ref: Click here.