A bespoke and responsive service delivered by experts in their field


We will provide a unique, tailor made service

ICECAP is a management owned business intent on investing in long term personal relationships delivering a world class service to clients. We believe that a client benefits by maintaining a consistent point of contact within ICECAP, creating a smoother client interface allowing us to offer an exceptional, efficient, and client focussed service.


A carefully delivered approach

Through a combined 100 years of industry experience the ICECAP team have developed specialist insight, knowledge and experience of international business. The varied backgrounds, skill sets and specialisms of the team combine to deliver a considered and personalised solution tailored to your needs. By example, our significant experience and understanding of the Sub-Saharan African business environment allow us to deliver a multi-jurisdictional corporate services solution to a large agribusiness based in Zimbabwe but with significant presence in Mauritius and Jersey.


Sophisticated, pro-active teams at your disposal

How can you reliably distinguish yourself from your competitors? The answer is responsiveness. Like everyone else in this world, our clients are short on time. Every hour of their time spent waiting for an answer is an hour taken away from more important activities. One of the fundamental building blocks of ICECAP is the utilisation of the very best IT systems with NO legacy hangovers arising through the use and dependency on outdated spreadsheets. ICECAPS use of sophisticated software creates a smooth workflow and information integrity which in turn allows for specific data interrogation leading to a timely response to any client request, regardless of complexity.

As an ICECAP client you don’t have only one point of contact. You can talk to any member of the team in the knowledge that your enquiry will be dealt with promptly by someone that knows your business.